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Privacy Art Screen
Design and architectural installation of a 32 foot art screen with a 16 foot trellis, designed to train our Wisteria, is constructed of exterior pressure treated lumber with 1 x 6 inch, 2 x 4 inch, 2 x 6 inch, and 4 x 6 inch boards. The art screen consists of four panels with equal dimensions of 8 feet x 8.5 feet. The trellis is the same dimensions, except there are no wooden panels just two decorative 4 x 8 foot frosted Acrylic Plexiglas, attached horizontally. Underneath the Plexiglas are two open spaces that measure 8 feet x 4.5 feet. Running through the trellis posts are three 16 foot trellis wires attached to the 4 x 6 inch posts. There are seven 4 x 6 inch posts set in concrete footings with a gravel base in each of the 24 inch holes. The art screen is approx. 20 inches from our pre-existing six-foot stockade fence. The art screen is stained with a gray wood stain to match the color of our fence as well as to blend into the natural surroundings. The panels are decorated with a series of illustrations that my wife Susan and I designed entitled, “The City in Seasons.” This series was on display at the Little Falls Public Library. Each illustration is printed on vinyl to endure the weather. In front of each post wooden boxes are placed. Ornamental grass is plantedin each box along with potted ferns that hang from each post. The depth of the entire structure is approx. 5.5 inches.



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